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regional love!

November 26, 2007

Here’s a custom order that I completed recently that I really enjoyed. Gotta love the garden state. It’s where I learned about jug handles, Wawa & went to shows at the Melody Bar.

nj love

I’ll be participating in Acknowledge Me in Austin on December 1st at the Scoot Inn. It’ll be all over the place with crafts, zines, music, screenings, food, collaborative projects & more, but it looks like tons of fun.

acknowledge me

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Handmade Arcade

November 8, 2007

Don’t forget, Handmade Arcade is this weekend in Pittsburgh. I won’t be there, but bumbles & lu goodies will. Check out the Jazzercise Troop Radical Pittsburgh table for your favorite designs.

Also! I was on TV. Well, actually, bumbles & lu goodies were on the local news this morning in Pittsburgh. Watch it at Type handmade” into the search box. My anchor ipod cases are at the end of the photo montage.