getting organized

quilting fabric - photostitchThat right there is a Frankenstein photostitch of my quilting cottons stash.  While having it all folded and visible like that makes it less overwhelming to see, it doesn’t make it any less obvious that I need to continue my no-buying efforts and get started on some stash-busting projects pronto.

Getting all of that fabric folded somewhat uniformly was part of last weekend’s organization effort.  The husband was away for a good portion of the weekend, so I spent the most of the alone-time working on random house projects.  I used the stud finder & drill quite a bit and hung a lot of utility hooks on the walls.  Now all the garden tools have a home and the ladder is off the laundry room floor.   We also finally have curtains in the bedroom thanks to 2 Dwellstudio for Target shower curtains and my ability to sew a semi-straight line.

Next project in the queue for me is a complete reorganization of the laundry/utility room, including adding shelving to take advantage of the higher ceilings.  We never really thought through what having a finished garage would mean when we bought the house.  At the time, our tool collection could fit on one shelf, so we didn’t really think that we’d miss having an actual garage.  Now that the tools are overflowing the garage shelving we keep them relegated to, we’ve realized some organization strategies are in order.


One Response to “getting organized”

  1. linda p Says:

    so pretty! i wish i could fold my yarn. ugh, so much yarn.

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