all gone


This will probably be the last cat-centric post for a while.  We sent the last of the kittens to a new home yesterday.  I was sad for an hour or so, especially since the last one was the black one and black kitties will always be extra adorable and special to me.  But then I got excited about all the love and attention they’ll get in their new homes and about the prospect of fostering litters somewhat regularly.  I’m not sure if the mister shares my excitement about the latter, though.

They were each sent off with some toys and a small blanket I sewed for them their first week here.  While an overflowing sewing room can be frustrating, it was nice to be able to whip these up with scraps stuffed in various drawers and bins.

kitten blankets

This past week has mostly been about mending and creating utilitarian items for around the house, including knitted washcloths and dishrags. It’s nice to work through a few quick projects before I cast on for my first ever shawl.


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