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all gone

November 30, 2010


This will probably be the last cat-centric post for a while.  We sent the last of the kittens to a new home yesterday.  I was sad for an hour or so, especially since the last one was the black one and black kitties will always be extra adorable and special to me.  But then I got excited about all the love and attention they’ll get in their new homes and about the prospect of fostering litters somewhat regularly.  I’m not sure if the mister shares my excitement about the latter, though.

They were each sent off with some toys and a small blanket I sewed for them their first week here.  While an overflowing sewing room can be frustrating, it was nice to be able to whip these up with scraps stuffed in various drawers and bins.

kitten blankets

This past week has mostly been about mending and creating utilitarian items for around the house, including knitted washcloths and dishrags. It’s nice to work through a few quick projects before I cast on for my first ever shawl.


placemat quilt swap

November 16, 2010

The 6 mini quilts I made for the Placemat Quilt Swap have been received, so I can finally post photographs.   My swap partner was the organizer of the vintage sheet swap I’d just participated in, so we agreed to use vintage linens as the bulk of our placemats.  This was a really fun project to work on and I managed to mostly use materials from my stash.  The only thing new I bought was some Kona cotton for the binding.  The backing is a fine wale corduroy, if you can’t tell from the photo.  I’m not a floral-loving person, never have been, but I’ve been collecting awesome vintage sheets since college, so it’s nice to use them in projects.

placemat quilts

granny style

November 10, 2010

There are quite a few stereotypically old lady/spinster activities that I engage in and enjoy:

    Now I can add crochet to that list. I mean, it wasn’t a huge jump – I already own enough yarn to drown in – but it was daunting all the same.  Last night I crocheted my first actual thing that looks like it’s supposed to look and will likely end up as part of the finished object.  I’m sure it’ll even improve a bit after blocking.  I have one granny square down and a few dozen to go before my crocheted Christmas garland comes together.  I’m a little more proud of myself than I probably should be. Whatever, I’m pleased. Thanks for the help, Linda!

    granny square

    Next up on my granny list, a shawl.  So I can rock it granny bandit style.

    Also, because they’re far prettier than my crooked granny square, below are some awesome belated wedding gifts we received earlier this week. Thanks again, Ellie.  I’ve been lusting after these PataPri towels for 3+ years, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to use them to soak up kitchen messes.



    November 4, 2010


    img 663

    You see that little cutie up there?  He learned to climb just so he could make this face in my face.

    img 669