cats! cats! kittens!

It’s National Cat Day, so what better day to introduce you to this little heavenly creatures that we’ll be sharing our space with for the next few weeks or months while they ready themselves for the rest of their lives.

the beryl brood

They were born to a feral mama kitty, so we’re making sure to give them lots of human time, including cuddles and play to be sure they make lovable pets. They seem pretty healthy, but since we haven’t taken them to the vet yet, we’re keeping them isolated from our older babies. Today is bath day and this weekend we’re going to try a first introduction to the dogs. It’s exciting to see how much their little personalities have developed in less than 2 days.

They have their own Flickr set, which I am sure to update regularly.


One Response to “cats! cats! kittens!”

  1. linda p Says:

    wow, i can’t believe you are going to give them a bath!! have fun with that.

    thought you’d like to know that paul found thunder on top of the shower curtain rod after hearing tons of commotion and went ahead and released her into the wild. i think she’ll be just fine, if she jumped/climbed up that high.

    again, thanks so so so so so much for taking care of the kittens!

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