two years

No one would ever call me sentimental, but I am super happy to have been married to the most awesome man for the past 2 years.  Actually, the married part isn’t all that important, it’s just the together part that I like.   Here we are, two years ago today, cutting the butt off of a lime-green bandana’d red velvet armadillo cake:


Despite a lack of evidence, I’ve been fairly productive in the creating department lately.  Mostly, I’ve been trying to finish up a few quilt tops that are partially pieced and have really been enjoying the portability of embroidery. Photographs forthcoming, if I can ever get home before the light fades.



5 Responses to “two years”

  1. ellie Says:


  2. Evelyn Says:

    Congratulations! And that armadillo cake looks just a little TOO realistic! 😛

  3. linda p Says:

    awww. what a cute wedding photo, i somehow missed it earlier.

  4. Jeanne Says:

    Happy anniversary you two! May you have many more years filled with blessings.

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