mellow yellow

patchwork snowball

Finally settled on a design I’m happy with for the doll quilt swap. The yellow strip patchwork is paper-pieced and then combined with Kona cotton in Ash.  I really like how calm the yellow and grey are together, despite being contrasting colors.  I’ll probably just stick to the ash for all the sashing and maybe throw in a snowball in a contrast color, like so:

idea for DQS9 layout

Completely unrelated, anyone have any ideas on the identity of this plant?  The previous residents of our place left behind a plastic pot filled with dirt, which surprised us by sprouting this pretty plant a few months ago.




2 Responses to “mellow yellow”

  1. britt Says:

    I really like your snowball blocks! They remind me a bit of paper lanterns. I have no idea about the plant–sorry!

  2. anonymous Says:

    the plant looks like purlsane, which is edible!

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