working with neutrals

The lazy weekend I allowed myself meant I was able to turn this stack of neutral quilting fabrics into a set of 8 string quilt blocks over the course of Sunday afternoon.
neutral fabrics

I hit up a few fabric stores after work on Friday and was thinking I would make something a little more soothing than usual.  I was going for something along the lines of a Stitch in Dye’s low volume quilts using Film in the Fridge’s string quilt block tutorial. I don’t think I achieved the aesthetic I was aiming for, but I really like the final product all the same.  I pieced 8 blocks total and I will create 2 mini quilts to use as wall hangings.  There’s a big blank wall in our bedroom that could use some brightening up.

neutral XO pair

The weekend also brought some happy-fabric mail my way. I can’t wait to start working with all of it. I already have charm packs of both the Wonderland and Arcadia, but it’ll be my first time actually cutting into any of my pre-cuts.

moda precuts


One Response to “working with neutrals”

  1. linda p Says:

    it doesn’t look like a lazy weekend to me- those are lovely!

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