sewing machine cover

So, I totally finished the vintage sheet patchwork project before the weekend even started.  Yay! for Friday night sewing.

sewing machine cover

It all started when I saw this lovely vintage sheet sewing machine cover by Sparkle Power.  I knew I needed my very own.  So I raided my vintage linens stash and got to work.  I went with buttons & elastic instead of ribbon ties just because I know I would never take the time to actually tie the thing.  The buttons make it much more likely that I will actually use the thing.  I really enjoyed the project because it was quick and I was able to play around with pairing up the vintage linen prints.  There’s even a tutorial if you’re having problems figuring out the logistics of the project.

sewing machine cover

The mister & I allowed ourselves a lazy weekend since there were very few errands to run and not much around the house needing urgent attention.  We saw the A-Team remake, which was actually more entertaining than I thought it would be.  And I had plenty of time for sewing, including the start of a new quilt project, which I’ll photograph at some point if I can make myself take a break from sewing string quilt blocks.


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