long, exhausting weekend

The mister & I accomplished quite a bit this weekend, including the creation of a VERY large pile of branches and assorted yard debris for bulk/brush trash pickup.  I also purchased a lawnmower, which he used to mow both the back & front yards.  This has never happened before.

Here he is holding up my mother’s Christmas 2009 quilt that I just finished up a few weeks ago. I also finished up my dad’s, but it’s so simple it really can’t be considered a quilt.


Despite how it look in the photo, the bars of fabric are perfectly straight & parallel to one another.

One afternoon last week I hit up a few of my favorite thrift stores on San Antonio’s southside and scored quite a few vintage sheets and pillowcases. It seems pretty obvious from what I brought home that I have a thing for the yellow/green/orange color combos, but I swear that’s all I was finding! I think there’s even a feedsack mixed in with the pillowcases.

thrifted sheets

We didn’t do much in the way of celebrating Memorial Day, but when I realized we would have a few unexpected visitors, I did manage to cook up some turkey burgers to go with roasted corn & red potato salad. It was delicious and I’m looking forward to leftovers.


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