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vintage goodies

May 24, 2010

For the first few months after we moved into the new house, I went through a slight craigslist addiction. In an effort not to overfill our house with awesome vintage furniture and accessories, I have been staying away from thrift stores and craigslist lately. To be totally honest, I will still hit up the occasional estate sale if I see that they have something I really want. Leave it to my mom to send the most amazing package filled to the brim with amazing vintage finds. The best part – it’s all from my grandparents’ house. They have recently moved into assisted living, so my mother and uncles are in the process of cleaning our my grandparents’ house. My uncles usually just trash everything, but my mom tends to save and re-home.

Anyway, on to the goodies:

A big stack of vintage fabric, including several yards of an amazing floral terrycloth and a small bit of a nubby yellow fabric that I can’t wait to use. Also pictured is metal recipe box (blank recipe cards included) and a mushroom-themed brooch that could use a little work before it gets worn.

Mushroom & faux bois pottery pitcher that my mother gave my grandmother years ago along with an adorable little caterpillar and mushroom.
mushroom forest

Turquoise salt & pepper shakes that close with the cutest little cork stoppers.
salt & pepper

There was quite a bit more in the package including some amazing handkerchiefs and dish towels, but I will have to get photos of those when the sun returns.



May 19, 2010


just in case I were to ever get distracted by the 4 other animals living in the house, Dahlia likes to occasionally venture out of her hiding place to remind me that she’s the cutest, most-perfect kitty ever. & my soulmate.

twinkle twinkle little star

May 11, 2010

Inspired by this tutorial that made the blog rounds a few years ago, I picked up a set of white lights sometime before Christmas.  Two adults can only eat so many eggs, so it’s been a work-in-progress until my sister-in-law delivered several egg cartons during a visit last month.  It is worth noting that these things are extremely difficult to photograph.  Or maybe it’s operator error.


OMG, I hate this wall color even more in photographs than real life. We inherited it with the house. It was one of the less offensive colors the previous inhabitants used, so we’re living with it for now.

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