Since my last post I’ve had moderately serious surgery, spent a few days in the hospital, had a visit from my mother, loafed around the house for a week and returned to work. A week at home should have been a great time to work on some unfinished craft projects, but I didn’t accomplish a single thing. all the meds I’m on blur my vision and make pretty much anything but watching television impossible. And when I tired of the Roku (*gasp* it actually happened), the furry monsters were great entertainment.

We took walks around the backyard and marveled at all the awesome weeds and wildflowers that are growing. My mom helped me identify almost all the plants and trees that are already growing and brainstorm about what else we can plant back there.

Poor kitty isn’t allowed outside.
nitro pickle

When your dog does somersaults in a big bed of flowers like this: phlox?

he ends up covered in pollen just like this:


2 Responses to “downtime”

  1. linda p Says:

    awesome! glad we’re not the only ones with all kinds of crazy in our back yard. i actually like some of the flowers. “those are weeds!” my neighbor tells me. yeah yeah.

  2. jess s Says:

    Pollen Dog is hilarz. I can’t believe you got tired of the ROku! i would like to test this theory!

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