coming together

The mister and I have both been crazily scouring Craigslist lately on the hunt for new pieces for the house. We’ve made some great purchases, including a lovely 60s dining room table that got a workout since we hosted Thanksgiving for the first time ever. I plan to reupholster the chairs and then it will be perfect. Here it is decked out in an Orla Kiely tablecloth and our “wedding china” – Noritake Colorwave in mint, which has since been discontinued. See the gravy boat? We totally used it!

dining room

I am also in love with the chest of drawers we picked up for my clothes, which is another great Craigslist find. In fact, we ended up buying another chest of drawers from the same guy a few weeks later for the guest room. It’s right by a southern-facing window and the way the light shines on it makes me love it even more. It will eventually be the home to our bedroom television, but for now I’m enjoying it’s simplicity.

The end tables and coffee table in the photo below are new — too bad you can’t really see them. But you can see the splotches on the wall where I tried to touch up the previous owner’s paint job with the wrong color of paint. Since the photo was taken I have mixed up an almost perfect match and re-touched up the paint so that you have to look really hard, in just the right light, to see the splotches. Check out the kitten fight!

living room


2 Responses to “coming together”

  1. ellie Says:

    yay! ❤ it.

  2. jess Says:

    that dog is like “front row seats!!!”

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