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new things

October 26, 2009

We’ve been so busy lately with the house, unpacking & the new kitten that i haven’t had much time for crafting. In fact, I don’t even have a proper chair in the craft room yet. I did manage to whip up a dinosaur hat for my favorite godson in time for Saturday’s backyard party. However, I did not manage to get a photo of it.

In the meantime, perhaps you’d like to take a look at some photos of the new kitten and his BFF, Fwankie.


I won a giveaway from painted fish studio, I’m super psyched to receive a wires t-shirt of my very own. err. husband’s very own.


nitro pickle

October 14, 2009


This little “innocent” is currently gnawing on my thumb & bunny-kicking my arm. Little badly.

More info to follow.