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quiet on the homefront

August 27, 2009

Things have been pretty quiet around here as we attempt to purchase our own place. I thought applying for a mortgage and talking to a loan officer would be a good way for us to test the real estate waters, but things moved forward a lot quicker than I anticipated. We made an offer last week and it was accepted immediately. The inspection was a few days later and aside from some wiring concerns, everything seems to be pretty good. Now we’re waiting to hear back from the seller about how he wants to handle the requested repairs.


Our realtor seemed to have fun searching for a good condition mid-century home for us. In a city where most folks are moving out of the city to 3,000 square foot tract homes filled with marble, every shade of beige and nonexistent backyards, we offered her a little variety and a bit of a challenge. She definitely came through for us and found quite a few good houses for us to choose from. We knew this place was the one when we realized we were comparing all the others to it. It’s lovely. Look at that built-in in the entry. I swoon.