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quilted patchwork coasters

July 10, 2009

I have a lot of quilt projects in the works right now – a coin quilt that I have yet to begin piecing as well as the sorta-finished quilt top I posted on Tuesday – as well as a few more that are completely pieced and ready for quilting, but since they’re gifts I can’t post them until after the winter holidays. Anyway, lengthy lead-in to the fact that I feel like I still need some practice on quilting technique before I begin these larger projects. That’s where my current fondness for quilted patchwork coasters comes in. I get to practice quilting on my machine & binding. For these I didn’t sew together the ends of the binding & instead tucked the beginning under the end piece. It created a little lump that I’m not too happy with, so I’ll probably switch back to sewing the binding ends together – continuous quilt binding.

summer coasters

The second set is not really a set or patchwork. It’s just a pair of coasters for the mister to use for his fancy root beers & “pink stuff.” Our aesthetic tastes differ drastically. He loves skulls, camouflage, & red/black combos. I love bright, springtime color combos with some brown or grey thrown in. I keep a fair amount of skulls in my stash, though, to create crafty stuff that he’ll love and use.

skully & camo coasters


strip quilt top

July 7, 2009

strip quilt

I finished sewing this together back in May, but I’ve had the hardest time figuring out where to photograph it. I still didn’t get a great shot, but it’ll do for now.

I am totally in love with that wavy stripe fabric, but I could only find 3 fat quarters of it. I was trying to evenly space the 2 stripes of the multi-colored fabric, but I ended up adding a few extra strips to the bottom of the quilt and now it looks a little off. I may end up moving the lower wavy stripe in order to balance it out. This quilt is intended for our queen size bed. I had hoped to have it quilted by the end of the summer, but since I’m at a loss as to what to do for the back and may end up repiecing the top, that doesn’t seem likely. I’m still really happy with the turquoise, brown & mustard combo, though. It’s good for me to step away from green every now & then.