chronicle books giveaway

I entered a giveaway for Chronicle Book’s Crafty Stickers over on Linda Permann’s blog a few weeks ago. It feels like I’m always entering these things and never winning, but I won this one.

chronicle books giveaway

The book of stickers came in yesterday’s mail and they’re adorable. I love them. Chronicle threw in a surprise, too. Not only do I now have my own copy of Crafty Stickers, but also Dutch Door Press Labels & Stickers, which are just lovely. Really lovely.

Thanks again Linda & Chronicle Books.

I have a ton of crafty projects to write up and post here & on my flickr account, but there’s not enough light in the morning and by the time I get home from work, the light is gone. I hope to get some of the documenting done this weekend.


One Response to “chronicle books giveaway”

  1. Susan Petersen Says:

    mustaches are so popular! mine are softer more than fuzzy, just like my husbands. I really like your shop, blog and projects. your quilts are super cute!

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