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bird mobile

June 19, 2009

spool sewing bird mobile

Finally got around to making a bird mobile from the spool sewing tutorial. I exclusively used fabric received in a patchwork-themed fabric swap a few months ago. The mobile shown was gifted to my sister-in-law for her birthday. It serves as decoration in her somewhat bare living room.

spool sewing bird mobile

These birds are addictive to work on. It’s fun to dig through my scrap box and pull together interesting fabric combinations. They’re also a great project to work on while otherwise distracted. These were all constructed as the Mister and I furiously worked out way through the last few seasons of Doctor Who (the library only lets you check out a season for a week). My plan is to add more birds to the leftover pile and pull together a slightly more elaborate set-up for some lonely corner of our house.


chronicle books giveaway

June 17, 2009

I entered a giveaway for Chronicle Book’s Crafty Stickers over on Linda Permann’s blog a few weeks ago. It feels like I’m always entering these things and never winning, but I won this one.

chronicle books giveaway

The book of stickers came in yesterday’s mail and they’re adorable. I love them. Chronicle threw in a surprise, too. Not only do I now have my own copy of Crafty Stickers, but also Dutch Door Press Labels & Stickers, which are just lovely. Really lovely.

Thanks again Linda & Chronicle Books.

I have a ton of crafty projects to write up and post here & on my flickr account, but there’s not enough light in the morning and by the time I get home from work, the light is gone. I hope to get some of the documenting done this weekend.