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donut muffins

February 13, 2009

donut muffins

These muffins are just perfect. The muffin is delicious and fluffy but the powdered sugar adds just the right amount sweetness to make them absolutely divine.


thrift store scores

February 6, 2009

In an effort to save money and purge our home of many unnecessary clutter, I have tried to stay away from thrift and fabric stores. Sometimes that just doesn’t happen.

This amazing mid-century chair came home with me last week and will serve me well as a sewing chair.

new chair

And these glasses are just gorgeous & look great in our kitchen. There were 8, but I selected the 4 that were in the best condition to bring home with me. A compromise with myself.

awesome glasses

Guiltily, I’ve also added to my fabric stash in the past few weeks. Granted, half of it is intended for projects that will be giving away, but I need to try to stay focused on my destashing.

fabric mosaic

But look at that mushroom fabric. It’s adorable. I’m even more fond of the large print houndstooth. I must work it into something for the house.