my weekend in food

This past weekend was filled with lots of yummy food. Some good for me, some definitely not.

The boy simply HAD to have a Simpson’s pink sprinkle donut from 7-11, so we split one late Friday night.

simpsons donut

And Saturday we were lured to Dairy Queen in order to try their new Waffle Bowl cones, which were super overrated & way too sweet. I mean, seriously too sweet.


We attended a vegetarian birthday potluck Saturday evening where we sorta made up for our previous gluttony with delicious veggie cuisine, including my contribution, a cucumber & couscous summer salad. I added a can of chickpeas to the recipe found here.

cucumber & couscous summer salad

And Sunday morning I made whole wheat French toast & used up the last of my peaches in a delicious uncooked compote.


In non-food news, I cannot stop listening to Bishop Allen‘s latest album, The Broken String. It is some serious goodness.

Some serious cuteness is Dahlia trying to distract me from a large consignment order!

little kitty helper


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